The One Minute Cannabist, Integrative Veterinary Care Announce Strategic Partnership Aimed at Elevating Awareness for Safe Cannabis Use in Pets

  • Alliance Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Veterinarians, Pet Parents and Cannabis Products

The One Minute Cannabist (OMC), a leading consumer-focused cannabis education center and Integrative Veterinary Care (IVC), a holistic veterinary practice, today announced a unique alliance to bridge the gap between the veterinarian, the pet parent and the multitude of CBD and cannabis products available.

The partnership will provide those seeking alternative approaches to their pet’s health with all-encompassing service options, including cannabis. OMC’s experienced team and programs will dovetail into Integrative Veterinary Care’s holistic approach to veterinary care providing new options and ideas, while further enhancing pet patient care.

Integrative Veterinary Care maintains the veterinarian patient-client relationship, provides veterinary medical services and recommends the use of cannabis compounds where appropriate. One Minute Cannabist’s certified cannabis specialists and CBD experts provide specific information about how cannabis works with the physiology of the animal, suggests products types, guides purchase options and provides best practice dosing strategies for maximum safety and effectiveness based on years of research and work with humans and pets.

“We are thrilled to partner with One Minute Cannabist in their mission to deliver accurate and easy to understand information about cannabis and its use for pets,” said Dr. Katie Kangas, DVM and owner of Integrative Veterinary Care. “In our practice, we focus on preventative health and supporting natural healing or wellness through many holistic options in combination with traditional veterinary medicine. Our clients are asking about cannabis and as our team continues to learn and we await the final rules from CVMB, we are confident in OMCs unique approach and are certain the pets we serve will benefit from our partnership.”

“We are constantly looking for ways to reach people who want to learn about cannabis. This partnership is perfect for pet parents wanting to try cannabinoid therapies, but aren’t sure how to go about it. Cannabis is a natural addition to Integrative Veterinary Care’s breadth of alternative therapies,” said Robbin Lynn, CCS and co-owner of One Minute Cannabist. “Together, as the regulations unfold, we expect to incorporate a range of new ideas, services and product offerings which will ultimately enhance the lives of pets and their humans, not just in San Diego county, but across the nation.”

The partnership comes at a time of growing acceptance of the cannabis plant across the nation both for humans and pets. On September 27, 2018, Governor Brown signed AB2215, which made it legal for veterinarians to discuss cannabinoid therapies with their patients. This is the first time in California since 1937 that veterinarians may discuss cannabis without fear of having their licenses suspended or revoked. It is anticipated that it will be a full year before the California Veterinary Medical Board (CVMB) develops the guidelines under which veterinarians may operate with respect to cannabis. This leaves those seeking guidance with few options as many veterinarians will first need to become educated on the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoid therapies, products and best practices for use.

Integrative Veterinary Care is hosting an open house and pet fair on Sunday, January 27, 2019 at their new brand office located at 11189 Sorrento Valley Rd #105, San Diego, CA 92121. The public is encouraged to visit from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and learn more.

Clients of Integrative Veterinary Care may schedule a private cannabis pet consultation with a certified cannabis specialist from One Minute Cannabist at the IVC office in Sorrento Valley, the OMC office in Oceanside or by on-line video conference/phone. One Minute Cannabist also offers a Cannabis for Pets Workshop. Interested pet parents may sign up at or call 760-760-2020 for more information.

About One Minute Cannabist

One Minute Cannabist Education Center bridges the gap between the person who wants to try cannabis and the dispensary. Founded by Terry and Robbin Lynn, industry veterans and Certified Cannabis Specialists, they specialize in helping people understand and navigate all the latest methods for realizing the maximum benefits the cannabis plant offers. The pair realizes that the lines of medicinal and recreational cannabis use have been greatly blurred over the last two decades and that people are confused and often scared. They’ve made it their mission to change the perception of those who choose to use cannabis, help people understand and move past the negative societal stigma, and elevate the people and the industry through educational workshops, conferences and private consultations.

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About Integrative Veterinary Care

Integrative Veterinary Care was founded by Dr. Katie Kangas, DVM with the vision to provide a positive environment where pets and their people could receive the care, support and education to promote a higher quality of life for all. IVC focuses on preventative health and natural healing or wellness through many holistic options, which can effectively complement conventional veterinary medicine. The team at IVC provides services such as nutrition therapy, functional medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, cancer support, immune disease and allergy conditions, massage therapy, ozone therapy, essential oil therapy, energy healing and more.

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