QOW – Combining CBD with Prescribed Meds


Can I safely combine CBD with prescribed medication?

In most cases, the use of CBD with other medications has been found to be beneficial.

While we are learning new things each day, what we don’t know about drug interactions outweighs what we do know. We often see amplification of the positive effects when combining CBD with pain relief or seizure meds.

The key here is to observe for any amplification of negative side effects.

In conjunction with the veterinarians and healthcare practitioners we’ve worked with through the years, we’ve come to make this suggestion when using CBD (or other cannabinoids) with prescribed medications.

  • Separate the administration of the CBD or cannabis product from most prescription or over the counter medications by 2-3 hours.
  • For medications in the Benzodiazepine or Steroid family, it is best to separate administration by 3-4 hours.