Need a CBD Refill?

We’ve made it even easier for our clients to refill CBD products from One Minute Cannabist. Simply go to our REFILLS page and complete the simple form. Need some more guidance or want to change it up? Call us at 760-760-2020 for personal assistance.  

Is CBD Oil Causing Diarrhea for Your Pet?

CBD is everywhere and many humans are finding it is making a huge difference in the lives of their dogs. And while cannabinoids are generally quite safe, as with any supplement or medication, there can be undesired results. This week, we’re going to look at how to mitigate one of the most common undesired effects . . .

CBD Truths

MYTH: CBD comes from the Hemp plant. THC comes from Marijuana. I see this statement on many mainstream media outlets and always find it quite disturbing because the average consumer is being misguided. Hemp and Marijuana are the same plant -specifically the plant known scientifically as Cannabis sativa L. FACT: CBD is present in nearly . . .

Rory’s Journey – Seizures

I wanted to share Rory’s journey with CBD for two reasons, one it has a great ending and two I hope it will help someone else going through the same thing. Little bit about Rory: We adopted him April 2010, sight unseen, from a friend’s friend, he came to us at just 5 1/2 weeks . . .

The Bio-availability Conundrum

I get many questions about water-soluble CBD products. This week a client sent me a 46-page piece about CBD and wanted to know my thoughts. Here is my short answer to a very complicated question. The document was one of those –-if you want the answer, you’ll have to keep reading— type marketing pieces that . . .

Can CBD Damage Our Livers?

We’ve had lots of questions about the recent mainstream press regarding CBD and liver health. As we all know, there are lies, damn lies and statistics. And sadly, research can be skewed (and sometimes is) to deliver the desired result. We hold firmly that CBD when used properly can be a good addition to your . . .

The Life of Max

Our worlds collided by chance and I believe it was simply meant to be.  There’s a popular saying in the dog world “Who rescued who?” and we definitely rescued each other. Max is the sweetest, laid back 30 pound love of my life.  He’s a Cockapoo, all black with a white patch on his chest, . . .

Sydney’s Journey – Chronic Skin Issues

“My Westie —Sydney– has been struggling with chronic skin issues for the last three years. It is fair to say that I have tried EVERYTHING…herbal and chemical shampoos, supplements, traditional medications, essential oils, acupuncture, chiropractic …and have found minimal relief. I was at my wits end. Since November, he has been in a depressed state, sleeping . . .

The One Minute Cannabist, Integrative Veterinary Care Announce Strategic Partnership Aimed at Elevating Awareness for Safe Cannabis Use in Pets

Alliance Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Veterinarians, Pet Parents and Cannabis Products The One Minute Cannabist (OMC), a leading consumer-focused cannabis education center and Integrative Veterinary Care (IVC), a holistic veterinary practice, today announced a unique alliance to bridge the gap between the veterinarian, the pet parent and the multitude of CBD and cannabis . . .

The One Minute Cannabist Announces Expanded Educational Programs

Consumer Cannabis Education Center Delivers Accurate and Comprehensive Information Through Innovative and Timely Workshops, Conferences and Personal Consultation OCEANSIDE, Calif., January 7, 2019 — One Minute Cannabist (OMC,, a consumer-focused cannabis education center, is pleased to announce the expansion of its program offerings for 2019. In addition to hosting live workshops and conferences at . . .


“You gave me more info in 30 minutes than I’d been able to reliably find in over 4 years.  Tessa is thriving and I feel much more informed.” -Sundara

“I appreciate your practical knowledge of this complex field.” -Bill

“May has been taking CBD oil for a full week … She now walks with hardly any limping.” -Jackie

“Kai is doing really well and I am a happy mom!” -Kim

“While we did not change the cancer, I know the CBD and all of your assistance was so vital to help Faith be more comfortable in her last months.”   -Jill

“Talulla (knock on wood!) is doing incredibly well and still taking the lowest dose of her CBD 2x/day for her IBD.”    -Debbie

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