Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE)

At One Minute Cannabist, we are all for embracing life. This July, we are also participating in LIFE for the very first time, with a presentation at MiraCosta College on Friday, July 13th at 1:00  pm.  The topic is Normalizing Cannabis.

Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE)

We are proud to participate in this community dedicated to continuing education and enrichment. Since 1995, MiraCosta College has sponsored supported LIFE, Learning Is For Everyone. Originally named Learning, Inspiration, Fellowship & Enrichment, their mission remains dedicated to lifelong learning for all. LIFE is available to anyone 18 years of age or older. At this time, LIFE in Oceanside is predominantly made up of senior citizens participating in discussion groups, workshops, activities, field trips, luncheons and more.  This is a warm and friendly group making visitors and new members welcome.

Normalizing Cannabis

You’ve heard the hype, the horrors and the hysteria that has swirled about the subject of cannabis for the past several decades. At long last, let’s focus on the reality. This is simply a plant with remarkable, all-natural qualities that make it valuable for a range of purposes.

People of all ages are exploring cannabis for a multitude of conditions. For thousands of years cannabis has been used medicinally around the world. Only in the last 80 years has this giving plant been demonized and criticized. Now that we’re “legal” here in California, people are seeing cannabis for what it is: a plant with all natural benefits.

Robbin Lynn, a Cannabis Expert, will address the following topics:

• History of cannabis as medicine and a short overview of its prohibition.
• Current legal status. The state says yes, but local and federal governments haven’t caught up.
• Moving past the stigma. Talking with family, friends and physicians about cannabis.
• Understanding how and why cannabis works in our bodies.
• Cannabis Therapies. Smoking is NOT the only option.
• Implementation Plan. How to go about finding and using cannabis professionally and safely.

Visitors are welcome to attend 2 LIFE meetings before joining. Membership is $30/year, and prorated for those joining after January. For for more information about LIFE in Oceanside, call 760.757.2121, x6972. Click here for a complete LIFE schedule for July 2018.

Normalizing Cannabis with Robbin Lynn at LIFE Oceanside, MiraCosta College on Friday, July 13th at 1:00  pm.

We hope to see you there!