We are dedicated to dispelling the negative association of cannabis as an intoxicant and impassioned to help healthcare professionals learn all they can about this giving plant. More and more we are hearing from our clients about their doctor or nurse saying, “Sure, why not try cannabis, but I don’t know much and can’t really help you”.

Our decades of experience in the industry working directly with medicinal cannabis patients and suppliers, paired with the clinical expertise of a registered nurse and veterinarian allow us to bring a unique and comprehensive view to the topic of cannabis.

Helping people understand the history, the physiology, the research, the legal landscape, the benefits (& risks) and ultimately best practices for achieving desired results is at the core of our service.

In addition to our consumer focused workshops and private consultation services –which can be a great place to start if you are new to learning about cannabinoid therapies–  we are pleased to promote the Society of Cannabis Clinician’s CME course -and- offer our specialized in-service programs to the healthcare industry.

After all, you can’t spell healthcare without THC.

Cannabis CME Curriculum
We recommend and endorse the Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum developed by TMCIGlobal andthe Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC). This course is updated annually and is part of training for our staff.

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Cannabis In-Service Programs
We’ll bring our programs to you. Select from our standard topics or we’ll customize a program to address the needs of your practice. Let us bring our decades experience in cannabinoid therapy to your team.

Contact us at 760-760-2020 to schedule.