Live Workshops

Live workshops are offered throughout the month and provide participants the opportunity to interact during the Q&A portion of the programs, which many people find extremely valuable.

Your can register to participate in-person or on-line via Zoom. Participating on-line removes the geography barriers and allows those who cannot travel to get the full experience.

On-Demand Workshops

On demand workshops are ideal for those who can’t make a live program due to scheduling conflicts.

Our programs are professionally recorded and provide all the robust information our live programs deliver. Because on-demand workshops do not allow for live interaction, we offer an add-on of a private Q&A session with a Certified Cannabis Specialist.

On-demand webinars will be posted soon. To be notified, please join our interest list.

What Every Consumer Needs to Know about CBD – Saturday, June 15 – 1100 am – Noon

New Updated Program This workshop covers the basics of Cannabidiol (CBD) including what it is, where it comes from and how it can be helpful. With the multitude of products now available, it’s confusing and overwhelming for consumers. This workshop cuts through the mystery and the hype, delivering accurate information about CBD in an easy to understand format. In addition, participants will get answers to the most asked questions about CBD, as well as best practices for product use.

Attend via live webinar. $19.99

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CBD and Your Pet – Wednesday, June 19 – 530 pm – 630 pm

This workshop gives pet parents a basic understanding of what Cannabidiol (CBD) is and how it can be helpful to our animals. There are so many products and so much information to sift through. Robbin breaks it down in easy to understand language, while providing some best practices on how to go about adding CBD (and sometimes THC) to your pet’s regime.

Attend via live webinar. $19.99

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Cannabis & Parkinson’s Disease – COMING SOON

People of all ages are exploring cannabis for a multitude of conditions. For thousands of years cannabis has been used medicinally around the world. Only in the last 80 years has this giving plant been demonized and criticized. We have seen a major sea-change in perception of this plant in the past two years and people are seeing cannabis for what it is: a plant with all natural benefits. In this hour, we’ll explore:

  • History of cannabis as medicine and a short overview of its prohibition.
  • Current legal status. Many states say yes, but local and federal governments haven’t caught up.
  • Moving past the stigma. Talking with family, friends and physicians.
  • Understanding how and why cannabis and CBD works in our bodies.
  • How Cannabis and CBD can ease symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease (includes the latest body of research on the topic).
  • Cannabis Therapies. Smoking is NOT the only option.
  • Implementation Plan. How to go about finding and using cannabis professionally and safely.

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Sama Saturday, REPLAY

Robbin Lynn will be the special guest on Sama Saturday with Amanda Ree, founder of Sama Dog and canine wellbeing expert. We’ll be discussing CBD for dogs and cats with Amanda Ree and Dr. Katie Kangas. This is a free Facebook Live event.

Did you miss it? You can still see the replay on FB, just click here.