The One Minute Cannabist Announces Expanded Educational Programs

Consumer Cannabis Education Center Delivers Accurate and Comprehensive Information Through Innovative and Timely Workshops, Conferences and Personal Consultation

OCEANSIDE, Calif., January 7, 2019
— One Minute Cannabist (OMC,, a consumer-focused cannabis education center, is pleased to announce the expansion of its program offerings for 2019. In addition to hosting live workshops and conferences at their Oceanside, California headquarters, learners across the nation may now join live workshops from the comfort of their home or office via interactive live webinar, learn via on-demand webinars or schedule private consultations to address their specific needs.

Driven by a passion to provide accurate and comprehensive information to consumers and those working in the industry about the positive benefits of responsible cannabis use, One Minute Cannabist Education Center focuses on the therapeutic properties & use of the plant for effective results, history of cannabis as medicine and helping people move past the stigma by dispelling decades of misinformation in an intimate, non-intimidating environment.

The cannabis and CBD industries are evolving at an accelerated pace with growing acceptance around the world. Yet, so much is still greatly misunderstood and people are confused about the legalities, the benefits, and how to select and use cannabis and CBD products. OMC’s mission is to help people navigate the information and make informed decisions.

“So many adults are interested in trying cannabis, but are not sure where or even how to begin. While many have experience with cannabis, some have never tried it in their lives. Understanding the physiology of why it works and the therapies available is key to success. A common misconception is that you have to smoke it,” said Terry Lynn, co-founder of One Minute Cannabist. “It’s a new world for anyone who only used cannabis recreationally in their youth. Today there are many non-inhalation therapies such as sublingual, edibles and even topical preparations. The OMC Education Center is focused on helping people understand and implement the use of cannabis in an educated and responsible manner.”

“When choosing cannabis, consumers must do some experimenting and it can be an uncomfortable and expensive learning process. No two people will respond exactly the same. Selecting the right product is the first step and using it properly is the next. Perhaps, the most mis-informed aspect of cannabis use, is its proper use and dosing,” said Robbin Lynn, co-founder of One Minute Cannabist. “We have worked with more than 10,000 people in the past decade and have developed best practice protocols to help people achieve their desired results. Whether experienced with cannabis or not, before going into a dispensary or trying a CBD product, OMC provides consumers with the tools and resources to make educated choices.

One Minute Cannabist Education Center January Workshops include:

Cannabis 101: The Fundamentals of This Healing Plant, Saturday, January 12, 2019
Live in-person or webinar

What Every Consumer Needs to Know About CBD, Saturday, January 19, 2019
Live in-person or webinar

Cannabis Navigator: A Help Desk, every Thursday at 530pm
Live interactive webinar where the topics are driven directly by the participants

For those seeking more personalized attention, private consultations may be scheduled with a Certified Cannabis Specialist or Registered Nurse. Consultation services include: Personal Consultation in-person, by phone or in-home, Pet Consultation, 15 Minute Q&A and Dispensary Visits.

Interested individuals may sign up at or call 760-760-2020 for more information.

About One Minute Cannabist

One Minute Cannabist Education Center bridges the gap between the person who wants to try cannabis and the dispensary. Founded by Terry and Robbin Lynn, industry veterans and Certified Cannabis Specialists, they specialize in helping people understand and navigate all the latest methods for realizing the maximum benefits the cannabis plant has to offer. The pair realizes that the lines of medicinal and recreational cannabis use have been greatly blurred over the last two decades. They’ve made it their mission to change the perception of those who choose to use cannabis, help people understand and move past the negative societal stigma, and elevate the people and the industry through educational workshops, conferences and private consultations.

For more information, please visit

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Robbin Lynn

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