Cannabinoids v Covid

There’s been some promising news from researchers on how cannabinoids such as CBDA and CBG can help  block CV-19 from entering the body. Researchers from Oregon State University find certain hemp compounds can indeed prevent the virus that causes COVID-19 from entering human cells.

The study finds that a pair of cannabinoid acids in cannabis sativa (hemp) bind to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, consequently preventing a critical step in the COVID-19 infection process. Click the links below for a nice synopsis of the findings and the full research report.

Read article 

The full Research Report

Add’l Research

QOW – Pain/Inflammation

Q: How do I determine the optimal dose for pain/inflammation if my pet is still on pain/anti-inflammatory meds?

A:  The answer to this question can be complicated. Sadly what we don’t know about drug interactions outweighs what we do know. The good news is that new research is emerging daily that is helping us to better understand the dynamics of cannabinoids. The answer to this question will in two parts.

Is the goal to continue giving the prescribed meds? If yes, space administration.

Be aware that while CBD can positively enhance the pain reducing and anti-inflammatory properties of many prescribed medications, it can also increase negatives that may come from the prescribed meds, such as lethargy, nausea or GI distress.

Therefore, best practice is to separate when you give the CBD from most prescribed medications by 2-3 hours. If you are giving a medication in the steroid family (most common with pets is Prednisone), it is best to separate the administration of the CBD by 3-4 hours.

Many families have found that by alternating administration of CBD and other medications, they are able to see more clearly which product is doing what with their pet. Once they understand what CBD is doing in comparison, adjusting the amount and frequency of the CBD given to find the optimal dose is more readily achieved.


Is the goal to wean from the prescribed meds and replace with CBD and/or other natural remedies? If yes, be sure to discuss a weaning protocol with your veterinarian.

Our expertise is with CBD and we are unable to comment on prescribed medications or weaning. That said, we do work with many families wanting to use CBD in lieu of.

The first step is to meet with your vet regarding a weaning program. If you intend to replace medications with CBD, simply follow our three step program and begin to add the CBD into the regime, always monitoring for positive and ruling out any undesired/negative effects.

Through the weaning process, most begin to see the positive effects the CBD is bringing and are able to quickly find the optimal dose for their pet.

Patience. Consistency. Observation.

This is the mantra and the keys to success with CBD. I hear all too often that a family stopped using CBD when it didn’t work after giving it a couple times. It can take 7-14 days of consistent administration before you see the desired result.

For more techniques and tips, take a look at our growing library of short videos  on YouTube

                  -or- order CBD Made Simple for Pets, now available at


New Book! CBD Made Simple for Pets

Inspired by the thousands of people we have had the privilege to help.

I’m so very pleased to announce the publishing of my new book, CBD Made Simple for Pets: 6 Steps to Getting Optimal Results from CBD.

This is a do-it-yourself booklet with step by step guidance for achieving best results when using CBD oil for pets. It is my fervent hope that we will be able to reach and help even more pet parents achieve the level of positive results so many of our clients have through the years of following our program.

Now available on Amazon.

Please share this link with all who may benefit.


About the Book –

The definitive guide to getting the best results when using CBD for your pet.

When it comes to cannabinoid use, there is no one size fits all and I’m proud to have helped more than 20,000 people and their pets on their CBD/cannabis journey. Based on the experiences and feedback both from our clients and local veterinarians, we’ve developed best practices that have helped pet parents find the results they want. This easy to read booklet cuts through the hype and misinformation surrounding CBD giving you practical guidance you can put to use right away.

In the 30-minutes it takes to read the entire booklet, you will:

  • Learn how to select a quality CBD product that is appropriate for your pet
  • Understand how to determine the right dose for your pet
  • Be informed with best practices for safely getting the results you want from CBD

This booklet is ideal for those new to CBD, those who are nervous about trying CBD, those who may have tried CBD without results, and even seasoned CBD/cannabis users who want their pets to get all the benefits the compound offers.


Rocky, CBD and the Moon

Can the Moon Affect our Dog’s Behavior?

Many clients working to dial in both the optimal and maintenance dose of CBD for their pet contact me with feedback about things they have noticed. Rocky’s story is a great example of why observing and keeping a log as you go through the process are key steps to getting the best result. Based on what you see, you may need to adjust your pet’s dose for environmental shifts, including perhaps,  the cycle of the moon.

About Rocky

Here’s a little background. Rocky is a 13 year old Chihuahua/Min Pin diagnosed with lung cancer, Cushing’s disease and who experiences severe fear episodes.

The family set Rocky’s goal to be:  Lessened episodes of fear, calmer/happier, quality of life

We helped his family to select an appropriate product and explained the three step process to find the optimal therapeutic and maintenance dosing. About a month later, we received this message from his Mom.

Message from Rocky’s Family

“Rocky continues to do well on Myriam’s Hope! I continue to give him four drops twice a day. It just seems to work for him, so it seems as though this will be his maintenance dose.

Interesting story, he’s been oddly struggling the past two days again (having more severe fear reactions, etc.), so I decided to look up when there would be a full moon in August and funny enough, it was yesterday. So crazy how that seems to have an effect on him! I suspect today and maybe tomorrow will continue to be a bit off for him and then go back to normal.

Anyway, thank you again for all your guidance. I feel so grateful to have your knowledge and expertise guide us to help my little man out.”


My Reply

Thanks so much for the feedback. So happy to know Rocky has found his optimal dose and that you have settled on a good maintenance dose.

I’m not surprised about the moon cycles. I would suggest keeping tabs on that and maybe increasing the dose as needed during that time as it may help. Certainly being aware of triggers, whether tangible or not will help to keep him on the right path.

The Bottom Line

We are all unique in how we respond to CBD. Following a consistent regime and paying attention to what you observe are so critical to getting good results. In this case, it was something a bit more obscure, but Chelsea followed her instincts. Rocky continues to do well with his product and his maintenance dose and his family knows that it is not only safe, but beneficial to adjust his dose based on his needs.

CBD for Pets Q&A Webinar

We’re pleased to bring back our CBD for Pets Monthly Q&A Webinar on Wednesday, January 12 at 4pm PST.

This is a live webinar that is highly interactive. Bring your questions about CBD and invite your friends and family to join for an informative session.

This month, we’ll:

  1. Present our top product picks by condition
  2. Share a client Pet success with CBD
  3. Answer questions from participants

When: Wednesday, January 12 — 4pm-5pm PST
Who: Clients of One Minute Cannabist and their friends/family
Details: Free to attend. Register here.

We take about 10 minutes to explore products and share the latest success story and then we spend the bulk of the time answering your questions.


Our mission is to help pet parents (and their humans) achieve the best results from CBD.

Be sure to share this invitation with anyone you feel might benefit.

Free to attend, please REGISTER HERE.

OMC is Now on YouTube

We are now on YouTube.

To find us, simply click this link or  search One Minute Cannabist to find our channel.

What You’ll Find

Initially, our channel will be populated with short and informative videos focusing on CBD for pets. We’ll be adding more human specific content in the first quarter of 2022.

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New Videos Will Post Each Week

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Client CBD Journeys

Because we have so many  inspiring and touching stories to share, we are planning to expand the library with stories from our clients. If you would like to participate in a video and share your journey, please contact us.

QOW – Combining CBD with Prescribed Meds


Can I safely combine CBD with prescribed medication?

In most cases, the use of CBD with other medications has been found to be beneficial.

While we are learning new things each day, what we don’t know about drug interactions outweighs what we do know. We often see amplification of the positive effects when combining CBD with pain relief or seizure meds.

The key here is to observe for any amplification of negative side effects.

In conjunction with the veterinarians and healthcare practitioners we’ve worked with through the years, we’ve come to make this suggestion when using CBD (or other cannabinoids) with prescribed medications.

  • Separate the administration of the CBD or cannabis product from most prescription or over the counter medications by 2-3 hours.
  • For medications in the Benzodiazepine or Steroid family, it is best to separate administration by 3-4 hours.


Foria Intimacy Products Now Available

Foria is a line of products designed for sexual wellness and enhanced, well…, everything in the bedroom.

When these products first appeared on the market nearly a decade ago, I was skeptic number one. But, let me tell you, they have won me over and are part of my personal toolkit.

Here are some quick and fun ways to use these products, from my own personal experience and feedback from our very satisfied clients.

Foria Awaken

A personal stimulant with a blend of CBD, MCT and select botanicals to enhance libido and sensation. The yummy formula stimulates the senses and warms the parts.

This is a topical personal stimulant that enhances sensation, vulva engorgement and intensifies orgasm. It is applied topically (a small amount will do) directly to the clitoris and labia area.

My #1 suggestion is to apply it 20-30 minutes before you engage. If you’re going out, take a little with you, pop into the ladies room and apply before you leave for home; then you’ll be good and ready when you arrive. If you’re already home, apply it and, partner(s), this part is for you: give some good long, kisses and lots of touching everywhere except the clitoral area, before jumping right in. I always think of John Cleese saying, “How about a kiss, boy?!” from that hilarious movie The Meaning of Life.

Between the activation of the Foria in the clitoral area and the anticipation, the results reported are explosive.

Foria Intimacy Suppositories

Tip #1: store these in the refrigerator or freezer so they remain solid. These are a great option for use as an all natural lube and much less messy than traditional lubes. It’s an ideal option for women experiencing vaginal dryness or painful intercourse. Depending on your planned activity, you can use the full suppository or stretch your budget and cut it in half. After inserting, be sure to stay in a prone position for 15-20 minutes before engaging.

Foria Sex Oil

I love that Foria has begun to produce this product. It comes in a 4 oz. bottle so you’ve got plenty to work with.

Slather this wherever you need a little more glide. Great for exploring new frontiers and a wonderful all natural vaginal lube.

For added pleasure to your sex time, mix a little with your favorite essential oil to make your own massage oil.

Did you get too excited and over-do it or feeling a little raw? Apply a little post-sex to soothe the clitoris, labia, vaginal or anal areas. Keep this bottle close at hand to use as needed before, during and after sex.

use coupon code FORIA-CBD
and we’ll take 10% off each Foria product

(offer expires June 30, 2021)

And as always, feel free to reach out and speak with one of our knowledgeable Certified Cannabis Advisors.

Be safe and have fun!

Tessa’s Journey

Tessa’s journey (and more) as shared by her family via this email:

“Thank you so much for the info, this is very good to know!!  I was actually going to email you today to let you know some amazingly good news.  The mast cell tumor we’d found on Tessa 2 weeks ago is gone!!!

When we initially found the tumor we took her to the Oncologist right away and he did an FNA and determined it to be a mast cell tumor.  He wanted to do a punch biopsy w/radiation to remove it but we chose to hold off.

Since my consult with you, we’ve been giving her the Care by Design 1:1 twice a day and I’ve been putting the Bluebird CBD on the tumor directly twice a day, and it shrunk considerably to the point of it being almost gone.

Despite that it seemed to be gone we wanted to see if the Onco Dr. still felt it should be removed, so we took her back yesterday so he could have a look, and he said it’s effectively gone.  He said there is nothing to remove!  I have been a full believer in the power of cannabis to heal but this is the first time I’ve seen it actually make a physical difference.  I am so grateful to you for your help!!!

I also wanted to tell you that I first started researching cannabis and cancer in Aug 2016 when one of my dogs was diagnosed with Histiocytic Sarcoma and it was incredibly difficult to find any reliable info on dosing and side effects, etc.

We were living in FL at the time so that made it much harder, but we ended up being able to get some 1:1 from a company in CA and it made all the difference in his pain levels and I was sold on its effectiveness.  It didn’t cure him or even help battle his cancer but it made his life better while he was with us.

We weren’t given any info other than dosing, so to this day I don’t know what exactly was in his tincture.  We were desperate parents and willing to do anything to help him.

Since then I’ve continued to try to educate myself as much as possible on cannabis and dosing etc. but have not had any clear info to go on. It is shocking how hard it is to get information on something that is so healing and helpful.

When Dr. Kangas recommended we contact you, I was so excited to learn there was someone out there offering help, so I wanted to express my extreme gratitude to you and what you do for people and pets.  You gave me more info in 30 minutes than I’d been able to reliably find in over 4 years.  Tessa is thriving and I feel much more informed.

Also, Ruby (and our pup Ivy who isn’t pictured) were on 2ml of 20:1 vet cbd twice a day along w/ other pain relievers. When I started Tessa on the 1:1, I also switched Ruby and Ivy to it as well. They are all thriving. Tessa is off Gabapentin completely, Ivy is down to 100 mg 1x per day of Gaba. and Ruby is off Galaprant and down to 300 mg of Gaba. 1x per day. All were getting more of those meds and we will keep tweaking until we are hopefully able or stop them completely. They all are feeling great and an added bonus is this is saving us a lot of money.

Thank you so much!!!  I will be in touch regarding a follow up and probably another consult for me and my husband, as we both use cannabis for sleep and anxiety, etc.  and we have 5 other pups who could benefit from your knowledge.” -Sundara

(pictured: Tessa-left and Ruby-right)

Our Hearts are Broken

While we never got to meet dear Charlotte, we’ve shared her story with thousands. Offering hope, inspiration and showing how one family made the ultimate commitment, and not only defied the odds, but helped countless move beyond their negative view of this most giving plant.

Our love to her immediate family, her extended Stanley family and to all those she moved in the beautiful time she shared with us on this planet.

Read a beautifully written piece by local Colorado newspaper here.