A Toke and a Float

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience the world of Floating. Floating is a unique health & wellness modality that helps relieve stress & anxiety, recover from injuries, fight addiction, manage chronic pain and much more. Floating naturally increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting mood and leaving you with a pleasant afterglow that can last for days.

While I am very receptive to all modalities that allow my mind to be opened, I am also claustrophobic so was a bit uncertain going in about the time immersed in the float tank. The facility was 420 friendly so I took my vaporizer loaded with a blend of Cheese and Dream Potion #9. After being oriented, I took a couple puffs, showered and entered the tank for my 90 minute float. I was able to control the lighting and opted for the ceiling lights which were a starscape of orange, green and yellow (soothing colors for my soul). In complete silence, I allowed my mind to quiet and let my body float with my head resting on a small cushion. It wasn’t long before what they advertised happened; I couldn’t distinguish where my body started and the water ended.  I entered that state of full Shavasana, completely letting go of everything. I’m not sure how long I remained there, but when I came back to being, I could feel the water wash over me and decided to try another round.

Feeling extremely relaxed, peaceful and still nearly weightless, I hopped out, took a quick hot shower and re-entered the tank, this time with the silicon earplugs and without a cushion for my head. I allowed myself to sink as far as my body would go. I felt as though I was being held up by thousands of tiny hands and quickly re-entered that place between sleep and awake (a favorite place to be). I don’t know exactly how long I floated in that round, but when my eyes opened I felt completely free and relaxed. The starscape on the ceiling became exploding puffs of color and it wasn’t long before they started to shift, pulsating, turning to butterflies and even interconnecting with colored strings that stretched to infinity. A nice little show, which I’m sure was a result of a combination of the cannabis I consumed along with the dopamine and endorphins released.

I left the facility feeling peaceful, relaxed and calm. I am a very lucid dreamer and I slept unbelievably soundly while experiencing very joyful dreams of dolphins and loved ones. An added bonus was the immediate and residual relief of the chronic pain in my wrist and hip.

Just as Yoga, Reiki, Circles or other healthful modalities can help one achieve new levels of peace and wellness, Float could be an option for anyone, no matter what your condition or mindset. You don’t need anything but yourself. Combining it with a cannabis therapy before entering the tank can help you to achieve deeper relaxation and fully immerse yourself in the experience.

The folks at Float North County are offering a special introductory discount of $15 off if you mention that you heard about them from the One Minute Cannabist. Just use promo code OMC when you book your appointment. For more information contact:

Float North County 858-925-6069